手机版917游戏平台Company introduction

Fujian Shengda Paint Co.,lt is a famous paint manufacturer in China. We were established in 2001, located in Zhangzhou ,Fujian.

We are a professional  manufacturer of water-based paint,include wood paint,wall paint,furniture paint,chalkboard paint,exterior wood stain,metal paint and so on.Our products are of high quality and competitive price.

We are a company that integrates research,development, production, sales and technical services. We also focus on the DIY products,our DIY products are very popular in China.

We are adopt new technology ,new material and new application in the process of manuf-acture. We respect our clients and try our best to help then solve various problems.

We aim to bring our products to all parts of the world.


Copyright @ Fujian Shengda Paint Co.Ltd

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